Benjamin Loyauté (born in 1979 in Normandy, France) lives and works around the world with a nomadism statement. He is defined as a «story-maker» taking inspiration on literature, cinema, archeology, design, geography & geopolitics.

Loyauté is known for his work on Immaterial heritage of communities. He represented the French Pavilion of the 1st London international Design Biennale, Utopia - at the Somerset House in 2016 with his film The Astounding Eyes Of Syria. For the last few years, as a novelist-sculptor, he draws the never-ending artwork - What have you found out so far? - an evolutive epic work combining a multidisciplinary approach focused on poetic traditions, animism and social behaviour.

He works in a variety of media from films & sculptures to public interventions and immersive installations. His research & his work is evolving at the boundaries of transdisciplinary systems to explore the importance of the strength of language through the magical & political status of ordinary objects.

Loyauté spent many years experimenting with the affordance of things. He was invited to participe in workshops, colloquia, conferences and residences (Geneva University of Art & Design; University of Tsinghua, Beijing; University of Shanghai; Mudam Luxembourg; UCL, Arts & Sciences Dpt, London; Mori Art Museum, Tokyo; Science Po, Paris; Université Paris IV Sorbonne; Ecole Normale Supérieure de Création Industrielle; Basel Miaimi; Ithra Museum Dammam, Boghossian Foundation...).

Through his hailed artworks and installations, he explores new situations and he is leading thinking on our contemporary societies, the influence of heritage.

In 2015, his curated exhibition Hypervital was seen as seminal and recognized as a turning point in his practice, inverting the system. From then he has developed his new format of artistic intervention seen in solo shows at the MAMC-Musée d'Art Moderne et Contemporain Saint Etienne, France; MUDAM & Casino Contemporary Art Center Luxembourg; Palazzo Clerici & Del Stelline Milano, Italy; Power Station of Art Shanghaï; Baalbek archeo site Lebanon; Parco Archeologico Selinunte Sicilia; National Museum of the History of Immigration - Palais de la Porte Dorée Paris, France; Museum KANAL - Centre Pompidou...

Selected publications

What have you found out so far ?
Benjamin Loyauté
96 pages - 12 x 16,5 cm
Texts by Alicia Knock, Gemma Daou
Language : french/english
Parution : September 2019 ISBN 9782373720808

Le bruit des bonbons - The Astounding Eyes of Syria
Benjamin Loyauté
400 pages - 17 x 24 cm
Texts by Barbara Casavecchia, Clarisse Gorokhoff, Véronique Grandpierre, France Desmarais, Sophie Cluzan and Florence Ostende
Language : french/english/arabic
Parution : June 2016 ISBN 978-2-37372-015-0

Heterotopia, Affordance & New Pragmatism
Benjamin Loyauté
112 pages - 15 × 21 cm - Livre broché
Texts by Géraldine Sfez, Véronique Dassié, Benjamin Loyauté
Language : french (English version available)
Parution : April 2017 ISBN 978-2-37372-034-1

Aesthetic consciousness? text in Les Sens du Beau
Benjamin Loyauté
344 pages - Livre broché
Collectif Directed by Benjamin Loyauté
Language : french version & english version
Parution : March 2015 ISBN 2912808618